Welcome to a World of Wedding Cake Choices

Choosing a wedding cake never seems so daunting until the day arrives that you have to hone in on height, flavours, costs, decorations, fondant, filling etc. Not so easy now, is it! Here are a few tips:


It is never a good idea to go too off the wall. Fruitcake is traditional but don’t feel pressured into that either. Other popular choices include red velvet, carrot, vanilla, chocolate and lemon but why not make each tier a different flavour. This is becoming a current trend and your wedding guests will certainly enjoy the cake tasting experience you will be hosting.  Speaking of which, if your chosen cake designer doesn’t offer a tasting before you book your date with them – be suspicious and find another. The decorations need to look great but if it doesn’t live up to expectations in terms of taste, both you and your guests could end up being severally disappointed.



Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter – they all essentially spoil our taste buds with grandiose notions of what could be possible. What isn’t so realistic however about all thee fabulous images, is the budget. Yes you get what you pay for but this doesn’t mean that simple isn’t beautiful. Sometimes less really can be more and a whole lot easier on those purse strings.


There is a world of cake art competition out there and if you want to go crazy, do it. For those who can’t afford that option, set a budget and stick to it. Do some homework on costs and create your design accordingly. Labour is always a huge part of a pricing structure, so a great way to cut down is to keep to simple decorations such as real flowers, a ribbon or lace trim, a stunning cake topper. Anything labour intensive, and costs will automatically embark on a steep incline.


Making Money go further

Create height by adding in a false bottom tier of cake. It gets covered with fondant anyhow, so who will know!. Cut the cake and whip the false tier away so no-one is any the wiser.


General consensus is to match your wedding cake to your colour theme but there is no rulebook to say that you have to. If you want to mix, match or tone – go ahead. Alternatively you could go all white or create an ombre effect with flowers or sugar roses.


Cake in this day and age is really comes however which way you want it: square, round, rectangular, pillow shape. It should be easy to find something that will fit your theme, be that vintage, classic, rustic, elegant.



You may prefer something small and elegant, perhaps you want to wow your guests with something more creative or maybe you want it to reflect some aspect of your journey together as a couple – where you met, how you met or a common hobby. Do a bit of cake hunting online and get some ideas but don’t let them bog you down. Book in to speak to a few cake designers and see what ideas they come up with for you also – you can never go wrong getting some good cake advise from the pros.

Friends and Family

Have a friend or family member make it for you and dare them to surprise you. This takes the decision making process out of your hands. They may know you better than you think!