A Wedding Planner: 7 Great Reasons Why You Should

Planning a wedding is stressful enough but even harder if you are doing it on your own. You may be surrounded by family and friends but let’s face it – no matter all the good will in the world, they can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Here are some top tips as to why a wedding planner is actually a good idea. Don’t dismiss them just because of finances, we have a suggestion for brides on a budget too.

Wedding planning lead up

If you have the budget for it, hiring a wedding planner to help organise the entire wedding can cut down on oodles of stress. It’s a myth that you lose control over your wedding. Consider it more of a productive division of labour i.e. you make all the decisions while the planner makes it come to life. Work, wedding dress fitness regimes, dress fittings and daily life still have to continue so a planner just provides you with a little room to breathe. Depending on the amount of their involvement, they don’t have to cost the earth either so yes, consider a planner or wedding stylist a luxury you can afford.


Vendor Deals

Wedding planners and coordinators are industry professionals with great working relationships with other wedding vendors. Caters, florists, dress designers, limo companies – you name it, they have the contacts. It is also likely that a wedding planner can strike some great deals on your behalf, source suppliers that will meet both your budget and cultural requirements or find alternative solutions where necessary.

Industry knowledge

Unless you are prepared to do some serious homework, wedding coordinators are automatically in the know when it comes to tablescapes, dance floors, bouquets, current styling trends and first dance songs. They are a warehouse full of ideas and suggestions. They can help with the flow of the day, the wording of the ceremony, organise the menus and greet guests. They have the uncanny ability to seemingly be everywhere at the same time and the nature of the job dictates exceptional organisational skills.

Venue Finding

Wedding planners always know the best places in town in which to say those ‘I Do’s’ and celebrate them afterwards. Tapping into their little book of the popular hot spots and hidden gems is a definite timesaver. Yes, they are even likely to have venues up their sleeve that you don’t even know about, even if you do practically live on the doorstep.



It goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway – those in the business are the ones who know it best, so trust them. They know all the tricks of the trade and can best advise where and how to save a few pennies. They can suggest alternative cost saving or eco-friendly ideas. They will even help you implement and follow a budget tracking system and that’s worth paying for if you don’t profess to be a budget savvy bride.


An objective opinion from someone who is not your to-be mother-in-law, your mother or your already married best friend, will help you keep a clear mind and focus on what is important without getting bogged down under the pressure of it all. Wedding planners are doers by default and will keep both you and soon-to-be hubby on track with all the arrangements. No need to stress over deadlines, worry about vendor payments or panic because you forgot to call the cake designer, your wedding stylist and the team will have everything covered, including the things you didn’t think about.


On-The-Day Coordination

If you don’t choose to have a planner for the wedding day lead up, I highly recommend that you don’t forgo a coordinator on the day itself. Worrying about whether your flowers will arrive at the venue in time, if the musicians have set up in the right place or if the chef remembered that two of your friends are gluten free, is not conducive to you fully enjoying your big day. After all the months of planning you deserve to have the most amazing wedding day rather than spend it worrying over the little details. After all, it goes past fast enough – relish it. You have done the hard work, now it is time to hand the reins to someone else and let them do the running around. Time restrictions also mean you can’t be getting ready and setting up your wedding venue at the same time.

With endless industry tools such as online checklists, table plan apps and suppliers on speed dial, wedding planners make the magic happen while you speak two magic words of your own: “I Do!”.