Wedding Photography: What You Need To Know

 Your photos need to last a lifetime. Long gone are the grainy black and whites of your grandparents’ era so unless the image has been edited to appear vintage – quality of the photography should be top notch. Here are a few things you need to check when booking your photographer.


Check for clarity, lighting and overall quality. Do not let them kid you that it is just because the pixilation of the image was reduced in order to put it on line that the image is fuzzy. A good quality photo should be able to be resized and still look good.




Do you really want your photos to look like everyone else’s? The answer is probably no. Of course there is the standard ones with family and friends but the newlywed photo shoot always needs to have a little extra pizzazz – i.e. the wow factor. If the portfolio doesn’t grab you, it is more than likely that your own photos won’t either. Scrutinize the angles, positions and the settings – do they get you excited about your own photo shoot possibilities?


Don’t be afraid to ask to review a portfolio of edited images. After all, you want to know what the final product is going to look like.  The main question is, do you like it. Don’t compromise just because the price is right.

Shop around

Unless you are a wedding planner, it is unlikely that you will know many wedding photographers. Comparing and contrasting work is key because no matter what the opinions of your friends and family are, you have to be happy with the end result. Some styles of photography will just suit you better than others and that’s ok. Don’t choose your photographer just because they are a friend of your to be mother-in-law, although word of mouth is of course a good place to start.

Travel Costs

This can really come up to bite you in the behind if you are not careful. Even if you are booking a local vendor, ensure that there are no hidden travel costs. Vendors will often charge millage after a certain distance but it is best to know what this is from the get go.




Many wedding photographers will offer packages to include engagement and post-wedding shoots. These are highly recommendable. Pre-wedding shoots provide the wonderful opportunity to get comfortable in front of both the camera and your photographer before the big day – there is nothing worse than fake smiles and awkward poses.  A post –wedding shoot however, allows you to capture those images you didn’t have time for on the day in a more relaxed environment and you can really have some fun with these. Just bare in mind that not everyone will offer packages and there could be completely separate fees for different photo sessions. This doesn’t mean you should ditch him or her for someone cheaper. Yes you want the most for your money but don’t ever compromise on quality. Trust your instinct.


Discuss your budget upfront so you don’t waste your or your photographer’s time. It is only fair that both sides know if they meet your price range. Trying to befriend them to later battle them on costs won’t work. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of costs, to include editing and determine if the package comes with an album, DVD or a USB stick etc.  Some photographers also offer half day packages to suit smaller weddings. The key to finding your photographer is being upfront with what is right for you and the number of guests you have.


Ask your photographer how long they normally stay and what aspects of the wedding they will cover. Do not assume that they will be there until the end of the night. Some photography fees solely include certain elements of a wedding and if you want more photos such as getting ready photos, there could be additional costs. At what point do they leave? It is well worth knowing all the little details from the beginning so there are no surprises.


Being shy with your vendor just won’t work. Bring examples of the kind of photos you like or want to recreate. These could be images of poses that you find fun or inspiring, images of a particular style of lighting you enjoy. The more you can present to your photographer, the better package they can put together for you.


Try to meet your photographer in person. Destination wedding photographers are of course a little more tricky but it is possible to find a photographer who would be happy to travel to your destination, if this would make you feel more comfortable.   Face to face meetings determine if there is a personality match. It is important to feel at ease with your photographer considering how up close and personal you will get in front of them. The more comfortable you are, the better the photos will be – guaranteed!