Wedding Day Lead Up

Planning a wedding is for most, although not all, quite a difficult time. The work, play, family and wedding planning balance is a delicate one and the scales can often be found tipping to one side or another. Here are a few things that may help.


File It

Create a file and dedicate a drawer for everything ‘wedding’. Don’t leave things lying around on the table where they might get moved and you cant find them when you need them. Any leaflets, ads or business cards you pick up – put into an appropriate plastic pocket folder for ‘dress’, ‘musicians’, ‘hair and makeup’, ‘tent hire’ etc. The more organised you can be, the easier you will be able to go to back to what you need when you need it. There is nothing worse than the ‘I’m certain I put it here’ type scenario.

Change Topic

Take time out from the wedding planning – it really doesn’t need to consume you. In fact, make sure that it doesn’t. If you find that every topic of conversation with you, your friends and your family is leading back to marquees, table linens and the colour of the crockery – bring in a rule where you all have a ‘day off’. The constant ‘have you done this’, ‘did you call so and so’, ‘have you booked the florist’ and ‘did you follow up with the caterers’ can get a little too much for all involved and after a point; boring and tedious. Don’t upset your nearest and dearest either by thinking that your wedding is the be all and end all of the year ahead – they have lives too with a range of ups and downs, so make sure you don’t forget about their news.


Take Five

Take some personal time out for you and the Mr. Arrange a spa day, go hiking, take a long weekend or out into the country. It will do you the world of good believe me and I’m not just talking about an afternoon – make it at least a day or two. Return refreshed, relaxed and ready for the next wedding planning instalment.

Date Night

Don’t ever let this slip. No matter how busy things get, always find an evening where the two of you can slip away for a romantic candlelit dinner or at least schedule in a movie and bottle of wine. Whatever takes your fancy, make one night a week about you, not the wedding. It will keep the relationship fresh and I am sure you have other things to talk about other than first dance music and decorations.


Don’t procrastinate

This is a biggie and we are all culprits but honestly, don’t put things off if you can get them done and cross them off the list. Leaving things to the last minute is only conducive to causing unnecessary stress and even disappointment. Get it done now and relax later is my motto.