If you’re looking for a photographer with a keen eye for natural, emotive shots on your wedding day that go way beyond the stages and choreographed norms, then I may be just what you’re looking for.

My name’s Alex and I am a professional wedding photographer from London, who for the past 10 years has travelled the globe capturing the essence of true love in its purest form. I have been absolutely privileged to witness some spectacular and magical weddings all over the world, including Saint Tropez, the Seychelles and even my hometown London.

Seeing the bigger picture

However, for me it isn’t so much about the location of the wedding, but the people and their pursuit of happiness. Call me an old romantic, but it’s the love of the people I’m surrounded by that that drives me in my work to ensure I capture the romance, happiness, laughter and adoration of each couple and their guests in their own unique story.

I’m drawn to these stories like a moth to a flame – striving to take small individual elements to create a much bigger and more profound picture. With a passion for photography, natural lighting and different environments I thrive on catching those ‘not so obvious’ moments on film in a natural and subtle way that are full of depth, emotion and character.

All you need is love

As a person I’m naturally creative, I enjoy travelling, clever art and design and an eclectic taste in music, which is often reflected in much of my work. But ultimately I think life comes down to just two things – the people you love and the personal pursuit for happiness. For me, that comes from my family and friends, as well as my work.

This is why when it comes to wedding photography; I strongly believe that less is more and that keeping things simple will allow your memories and love to live on for generations. I want to capture your story in the most sincere, candid and natural way; giving your cherished moments timeless depth and value that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

All you need to do is allow me to see these moments and let me capture your story in all its glory.