Everyone knows that weddings really do take some planning, no matter what your budget. It is a stressful time and even the calmest of brides-to-be can loose their patience with daunting ‘should dos’, ‘must do’s’ and over advertised pressures that come with the wedding industry. 0051L'amore-in-cannes-wedding-alex-del-pierro-photography-chateau-de-castellaras-weddding-at-chateau-de-castellaras

Everyone focuses on the wedding planning but what you should be doing once the wedding, honeymoon and any other after parties are over, seems to be lacking some serious attention. It is important not to loose steam. All that energy you ploughed into the wedding decorations and seating plans now needs to be steered in the following direction:

Thank you notes
Get these written as soon as you can. Make a list of who gave what so you can personalise the note. The added detail will not go unnoticed and will definitely be much appreciated. While it is acceptable to wait until after a honeymoon or a ‘settling’ into married life period, don’t leave these too late. Not doing them will be more painful than just getting on with them.

Preserve the bouquet
If you are even contemplating the idea of drying your bouquet, pressing the flowers or turning them into some kind of artistic decoration (check Pinterest for ideas), this needs to be one of your top priorities. Cut flowers can rot really last for long although you will gain a few days by keeping them in water and in your fridge…strange but true. Try to do your research ahead of time so you know what you have to do so you can get cracking.

Dry Cleaning
It’s easy to leave it but the longer those stains of a well-celebrated wedding stay there, the harder they can be to come out. Have the dress professionally cleaned and put it away for safe keeping as soon as possible, unless of course you are having post wedding photos taken.


Post Wedding Photo Shoot
You are tired from all the stress of wedding planning and the emotion of the big day in question; we get that. It is important however, not to leave it too long between the wedding day and the post wedding photo shoot…a couple of days or a week or two is the max. Keeping up the ‘I need to fit into the dress’ diet is hard to do once the wedding day has come and gone and what a shame if you have to calorie count the honeymoon. Best just to get it done as soon as you can.

Pay Outstanding Bills and write reviews
Most vendors will have asked for final payment by the wedding day. With those that haven’t, it is just simple courtesy to pay the remainder in a timely manner for services you have already received. It is not pleasant for either party if the vendor in question has to keep hounding you for the agreed payment. It’s also nice extra thank you to go the extra mile and give your vendor a winning review (if they deserved it of course).

Photo slide shows and wedding videos
Whether you create a Facebook page or have everyone load their images into Dropbox or a personalised wedding website, it is important to remind your guests to give you copies of their photos before life takes over and everyone gets busy with work, school and daily routines. If you are planning to put together a photo slideshow or edit a home made wedding movie, leaving it for ‘later’ means it will never get done and you will regret not doing it.

Sort out and clear out
If you don’t go through all the wedding planning material such as the business cards, notes you made, the mood boards and the samples you collated; you never will. It will all get piled up in a cupboard somewhere just waiting for a day that you will need to sort through it wishing you had done so earlier. Keep what you need or what you wish to hold on to and sort through the rest. If you are into creating story boards or scrapbooking…now’s the time!

Photo mail
If you have promised copies of those professional pics to key family members and friends, the entire wedding party or just those that couldn’t make it – you leave it too long and they will end up feeling forgotten and disappointed. Keep that wedding buzz going for as long as possible and why not!.

If you want to keep some of your decorations make sure they stored away correctly, framed or used around the house. Leaving them in the garage, utility room or spare bedroom could mean they end up getting damaged or even broken. Find creative ways to incorporate them into every day living so you get to enjoy them for as long as you can. The effort of turning some of them lasting memorabilia will be extra rewarding in years gone by.