Something borrowed, something blue

Whether you want classic, a vintage theme circa 1920’s or you prefer something a little more boho chic – there are some things that seem to have stood the test of time no matter the style of wedding.  These come in the form of floral bouquets, groom’s boutonnieres, white wedding dresses, corsages, wedding rings and a little rhyme that has stolen our hearts. ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe’ is a long withstanding superstition that many people around the western world still like to follow.

An old saying that is as just current today as it ever was, incorporating a little something blue into your wedding day is thought to bring a bride optimism for the future, happiness, purity, love and fidelity, good fortune and prosperity.


This is probably the most common way brides tick the something blue box. Not visible but definitely present, brides can still wear blue without having to compromise the all-white dress.


There is a current trend of adding a pop of colour to your wedding dress so why not make this a blue kind of statement. Match your heels with your bridesmaids’ dresses or have your shoes stand alone.


Bouquet Wrap

If not wearing a garter and don’t fancy blue shoes – why not add some blue ribbon, a blue head pin or blue-up your bouquet wrap. This could be a light, subtle pastel colour or a big bold bow.

Wedding Dress Adornment

Blue waistline sashes or floral adornments are a popular choice with brides whose wedding theme will be blue anyway. Current trends for shorter 50s style weddings theme, include a blue under skirt that falls just below the length of the dress itself – very pretty!



Not many brides tend to wear blue jewellery but there is nothing to say you can’t. If going all blue doesn’t work for you, find something that has only a little bit of blue in it.  A blue stone in a hairpiece or a vintage piece such as a necklace or brooch that has some blue colouring will do the trick. You could even attach the broach to the waistline of your dress or your bridal bouquet. See it as a challenge to find a new way of incorporating the superstition of ‘something blue’ into your wedding. If your theme is vintage – a blue feather or a birdcage veil with a small blue stone adornment will complement both your theme and your dress beautifully.



Wedding dresses often have plenty of layers so colours won’t show through. Choose between full blue numbers or a touch of colour here or there.


Cake, flowers and decorations

The idea is to really wear your something blue but there are many brides who don’t wish to succumb to this pressure and believe that adding colour to the cake, decorations or the floral arrangements is enough. It as after all, just a superstition turned tradition. Don’t see it as a must – just a little bit of fun to be had.