Save That Date!

So you are engaged and while you want everyone to stop asking you at every opportunity they get when the big day is, you also want to shout it to the world. Save the dates are a great way to get your wedding date quickly into everyone’s calendar giving you time to figure out the official invitations, colour scheme etc

Here are a few save-the-date ideas that won’t break the bank.

Fridge Magnet

It goes without saying that this tops this list. A convenient way to announce your wedding day, everyone loves a fridge magnet and it for sure won’t get lost in a drawer.



An engagement photo is always a winner. Both friends and family, especially those further afield will be honoured you took time out of your busy wedding planning schedule to personalise your save-the-date. Your can never go wrong with a photo and a professionally done engagement shoot photo will be the ultimate treat.

Message in the bottle

Used often as the actual wedding invitation, there is still an essence of novelty factor with a side helping of Robinson Crusoe style adventure and intrigue about a message in a bottle. Nautical but nice, it will certainly evoke a smile or two…and won’t be easily forgotten. Want a showstopper – this is it!


Social media poster

This is one for the up there techies or perhaps just those couples who live far from their loved ones. Communicating across the miles is now even easier and not only does it save on cost but most definitely on time. A one day delivery – couples can worry less about letting everyone know their news and focus more on the task at hand of wedding planning.


Make your save-the-date something useful to have it stand out. If your engagement happens around the Christmas holiday season why not gift everyone with  a save the date calendar….they won’t even have to remember to fill in the blank! Complete with fun pictures of you, family and friends.…everyone will be wondering which month they are.


Get immediate family involved

Getting your prized pooch or 2-come-20 year old in on some photo shoot action holds a cuteness factor second to none. Have a look at what is out there and get creative.

Video message

If you don’t feel like an email cuts it, but time and budget are of the essence, a video message is the next best thing.  If the proposal was captured on camera, this could be just as much a surprise for your potential wedding guests, as it was for you.


Wedding website

Both a cost and time saving feature of modern day life, setting up a wedding website doesn’t make your big day announcement any less personal and it scores 100% in practicality. Once up and running, you can start to build on the website to show nearby accommodation, on-the-day running orders and dinner menus, among many other things…how convenient!