Raising The Bar

We understand. You want your wedding to have a quirky twist, something a little different, a talking point, have it stand out from the crowd so to speak. So here are some ideas to raise the bar – quite literally…

Candy Bar

This one always goes down a treat (pardon the pun). It looks good, tastes good and will keep kids both big and small entertained throughout the evening. Bring out after dessert or during the dancing for that much needed energy top up. Style it vintage or jazz it up with luxury chocolates, your guests will love the thought.

Mulled Wine Bar

It is the season after all and what better way to embrace it and brush away those cold weather chills, than a glass of warming mulled wine with its cinnamon buzz. Close to the heart of the British Christmas holidays, it heralds a wintery nod to its summer sister, the fruity Pimm’s.

Hot Chocolate Bar

There is not many who don’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and what a way to welcome your guests to your winter wedding celebration. Step it up a notch with a help-yourself section complete with marshmallows, whipped cream and a selection of other toppings.  If you want to add a bit of twist to your hot chocolate bar, equip it out with some Baileys and Tia Maria….oh la la!

Prosecco Bar

If you are in the UK and reading this, I am sure you will second the fact that Prosecco is leading the list of top tipples this season. Being a sparkling wine as opposed to champagne, it is lighter on the palette and seems to appeal to even those who aren’t fans of the more fancy bubbles. It’s more economical to boot so it’s a winner for your wallet. Keep things fresh with options to mix it with orange juice, cassis or some other fruity alternative.

Snack Bar

Ok, it’s really a fancy word for an evening buffet but filled with the likes of mini gourmet burgers and other classic finger food, your guests will love it none the less. Speak to your chef and find out what your options are, after all, finger food or not – you will want to keep it classy.

Tea / Coffee Stand

A tea or coffee station may sound ordinary but don’t judge a book by its cover. It is like anything, it is what you make of it that counts. Provide a selection of luxury coffees with a variety of flavours and a choice of syrups. Take things to new heights with a bottle of Irish Whiskey, Kahlúa or Bourbon so your guests can make their own hot toddy. If it’s tea they are after, spoil them for choice of a range of herbal delights and other international flavours.

Mojito Bar

From the original to its very berry alternatives, mojitos are perfect way to get everyone up and on that dance floor. If mojitos don’t float your boat, maybe a daiquiri bar might.

Cocktail Bar

Hire complete with professional bar tender with flair bar tending skills and you have both your liquid and visual entertainment in one.  Add making your own cocktail menu to your wedding planning must-do’s.

Brandy Bar

It may be one more for the lads but if the ladies want their mojitos, why not have both a ‘his and hers’.