Pre and Post Wedding Photo Shoots: Frivolous or Fundamental?

Whatever your budget maybe, it is important not to skimp on those all-important wedding photos. It may seem that pre and post wedding photo shoots are a cost too far but here’s why it is advisable to give them both a second thought. Decorations and flowers can be cut back on if necessary – they don’t last forever but photos do…make them count.


Engagement celebration

One the best ways to mark your engagement apart form the ring of course, it is to photograph the occasion. While friends and family can do a pretty good job, there is nothing quite like treating you and your to-be to a private, professionally done photo shoot. It is after all the beginning of a new journey for your both, the turning of a new leaf, a new chapter, opening of new doors or whatever you would like to call it. It is time to celebrate. You won’t regret looking back on the photos is many moons to come.


Value for Money

Pre and post wedding photo shoots, if completed with the same photographer, will often come with a considerable discount or package deal.  It will also save you considerable time searching for two or three different photographers and if you like what you see, why change! Consider it  a bit of prep for the big day so know what to expect for the wedding album.


Practice Makes Perfect

Cliché but true – practice really does make perfect. Despite quick low-key snap chats, most people are quite shy when it comes to the camera lens. The way the photographer will see it (any photographer worth their salt that is), is as art. This doesn’t, however, automatically erase your nerves. It is understandably uncomfortable for many to get into posed positions, know what to do with their hands and not feel awkward at holding that kiss for the camera. For the photographer to get the best out of their art, couples also have to be comfortable at taking direction. Stand here, lean this way, do that, look over there – all these instructions can be a little overwhelming and some of the poses, although appearing natural in the image, can feel a little umcomfortable at the time. Doing a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot will help break the ice and get you relaxing and having fun. Consider it if you will, a practice run and an important bonding time between you, your photographer and the imposing camera lens. It will also encourage you and your partner to discover what images you enjoy and don’t enjoy and give you great ideas for the wedding day itself. You won’t regret money spent once you see the end product.


Get Creative

Use your pre and post wedding photos for your save-the-date cards, social media announcements, wedding invitations and thank you notes. You could even save a few for Christmas cards or New Year greetings that showcase your journey over the past year.


Trash the Dress

Most brides, unless planning a vow renewal, sadly don’t get to wear the dress for a second time….so how wonderful if you can. Getting back into the dress for a post wedding photo shoot is fun and much more chilled that the wedding day. It is just as much a one off occasion as the big day but without the added pressure of nerves and running orders, so enjoy it and have some fun. Take those photos you wouldn’t have dared to do on the day and don’t be afraid to let loose. Get in the sea, jump in the pool, lie down in the snow – it doesn’t matter any more.


No Missed Shots

After months and even years of planning, your wedding day will fly by and you will find that there are just not enough hours in the day to celebrate with friends and family and do an extended photo shoot. Yes you will get plenty of photos on the day but if your wedding is in the morning or afternoon, it might be difficult to schedule in a sunset shoot. Why not use your post wedding photo session to make the best of both worlds. If your wedding is at a hotel or country manor house, take your post wedding shots down at the nearby beach, mountain or forest area. If your wedding is on the beach, have your post wedding shots taken at a completely different location. I am sure your photographer will be more than happy to discuss options and come up with some ideas. As mentioned before, this is their art form – let them do what they do best and be creative! As opposed to the wedding day, travel time between locations no longer matters for post wedding photos…the world is your oyster!