How Practical Is Your Wedding Location?

Castles, restaurants, country manor houses, gardens, beaches – the world is literally your oyster when it comes to wedding venues. Following on from a previous blog highlighting great questions to ask your wedding venue, here are a few more practical things to bare in mind before you sign that dotted line.


Be aware of inclement weather conditions. Heat, cold and wet each bring with them a different set of considerations for you as a bride and the dress you might wear, as well as for your guests. Always ensure that if the weather is likely to be unstable, that you have a backup plan or that your chosen location offers some protection from the elements.



Some venue spaces such as beaches, gardens, woodland or other outdoor venues may offer little in the way of seating. Providing your own seated set-up will add considerable extra to the budget, depending on the size of your wedding of course. Seating for elderly attendees also needs to be taken into careful consideration but if Grandma is perfectly capable of handling a straw bale, then go for it.




One thing that tends to fall as more of an after thought than a forethought at weddings – is the condition under foot. It is not something you would be likely to think about unless you have had the unfortunate first hand experience of walking over awkward ground in 3 inch heels. Such scenarios could include but are not limited to grass, excessive numbers of steps, pebbled driveways, beach and decking. While the guys won’t give all the above a second thoughts, ladies in heels may have a different opinion. Twisted ankles, broken high heels and sore feet are not the wedding aftermath chitchat you want to keep on hearing. If your dream wedding venue really does involve problematic ground – why not consider solutions such as putting down a platform or offering another flooring alternative.  Should all else fail, provide a basket of flip flops or specify the shoe dress code theme in advance by announcing a barefoot beach wedding or a cowboy boot rustic ranch event.



It is always important to determine budget before you compromise the purse strings. Putting unnecessary strain on your wallet only leads to stress and guilt for the overspend. Do your homework and find out how much you can expect different types of venues to cost. If budget is a big aspect of your venue hunting journey, keep things local. Local venues such as hotels or restaurants may even offer discounts to nearby residents or members as part of their loyalty program. Be clear on what you can afford and keep to it.  There are always plenty of beautiful alternatives to the more expensive hot spots.

Value for money

Will your venue have both an indoor and outdoor space and would use of both areas incur additional cost extra?. Will you have exclusive use of the venue or is there a minimum spend?  Determining what you get for your hard earned cash will also help you set your wedding venue budget.

Certain venues will have different pricing structures for different function spaces also, so ensure you get a clear cut quote for the areas you would want to take over for the day.  If budget is an issue, it may be worth considering celebrating both your ceremony and reception in the one location as opposed to two separate places. Not only will this cut down on venue hire but also lower transportation costs for you and your guests.