Lighting – It Makes All The Difference

Fairy lights

I don’t think I have met anyone yet who doesn’t like a string of fairy lights or two. No matter the time of year, these little lights never fail to have the ability to turn beautiful into magical. Living up to their name, there is definitely something romantic about fairy lights and as versatile as ever, they can be hung from ceilings, wrapped around pillars or used to decorate trees.


Brush away dark empty spaces with some uplighters – a simple, relatively cheap and easy way to make large rooms feel cosy and outdoor areas not quite so dark and imposing. Uplight directly against a wall, tree or from behind a drape to showcase an entrance, walkway, feature the cake or simply add some a little sprinkling of pizzazz to your wedding reception venue.


 Table lights

Lighting up a table with an LED light from under the skirt is very cabaret and extremely effective. Colour coordinate with your wedding theme to tone or contrast for dramatic effect. Nothing too bright mind, but switch on after the meal when the drinks and dancing starts. Your guests will certainly be impressed but we suggest you keep the lighting low to a white or solid colour – too flashy and it will be more of a put-off.



They are new and they are novel but projections can really create something quite special. Project initials, clouds, patterns to walls, dance floors or ceilings but consult a wedding designer, stylist or the vendor before you splash out on such equipment. Do your homework to discover what will work best for your wedding. Work the projection into your wedding reception design, don’t design the wedding around the projection! Remember in these cases that less can be more and a room that is too overstated and over dramatised can have a negative effect that is imposing, overwhelming and well….a little tacky. Keep it classy!


Starlight dance floors

Flashing floors can be a little too 70 for my liking but starry dance floors on the other hand are rather impressive. Alternative options include only having lights around the edge of the flooring, which is both practical and pretty but if the dance floor itself is going to be dark, ensure you have another solution up your sleeve so guests don’t trip over the edge. A star lit dance floor is a particularly pretty feature to have in a garden but you can use indoors too.



Small, large, tapered, long – candles are tasteful and emotive. They create dramatic lighting and an intimate atmosphere. The best thing, they are not too harsh on the wallet either. Create depth on your tables by contrasting candles of different heights and shapes. If you feel you need a little something extra, add in a table mirror. The one rule is that there isn’t one; you can’t have too many candles.

LED Ball Lights

These are great for the good old outdoors area such as gardens or terraces. They work to fill empty corners, add light to tables and line a pathway, driveway or pool. They are easy to position and some can even float if you have a pool or pond you want to pretty up. They come in a variety of different sizes and many offer a colour changing feature via remote control.