There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re booking your wedding photographer and to help you be clearer on how we operate and answer the most obvious questions, we’ve got a helpful FAQs section. Of course, these aren’t exhaustive, so if you need any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Only confirmed bookings with a paid deposit will guarantee your date.
Simply contact me to book your wedding in, and pay the deposit to guarantee the booking will be confirmed.
Payment of the full balance must have cleared 28 days on or before your wedding date.
I pay for any travel and overnight expenses within 100 miles of my location, but there will be an additional charge of £200 if it exceeds this distance. For all weddings abroad, I ask clients to cover the cost of my flights, accommodation and transfers.
Yes. In most cases I prefer to shoot alone to keep images and storytelling consistent and to avoid a second photographer popping up in the background of photographs. However, I understand that certain clients and situations may require a second shooter, so I have a number of very talented photographers I can call upon with an additional charge of £300 per day.
There is no definitive figure, but I will often take over 1500 photographs in one day, depending on the lighting, location and timings. For most weddings I will produce over 500 fantastic images; only deleting duplicates, pictures with poor lighting or where the subject is caught in an unflattering light.
Yes, but I like them to take a maximum of 20 minutes to minimise the amount of time they take up in your celebration. I do this by working from a pre-arranged list and roping in ushers to help gather guests more quickly.
I am more than happy to cater for myself on the day, but of course I would never turn down a delicious meal!
Within 4-6 weeks of your wedding, we will put up a preview of the highlights on our Client Portal. We will then upload the full set of images to a private gallery on our website for you, your family and friends to view, and send hard copes of your images within 8 weeks of your wedding day.
Absolutely! Although I ask that images should only be printed for your personal use, not used for any commercial purposes and that you don’t make any copies (other than a back-up copy for yourselves).
It isn’t essential, but if you’re nervous about being in front of the camera on your wedding day, it can be a good introduction to the process to help you to relax on the day. It’s designed to be fun and informal and provides a good opportunity for me to learn how best to shoot you prior to the day as well.

I have public liability and professional indemnity insurances and will happily provide copies of these certificates on request.