Different photographs styles you can expect for a wedding

While wedding photography may sound like a easy job to some – getting paid to take photographs for a few hours at someone’s wedding day in a beautiful venue – it definitely isn’t that straightforward, and takes a lot of skills, planning and execution, along with post-wedding work.

Certainly for the work I do as a destination wedding photographer, it isn’t so much about the wedding day, but the whole event that surrounds it and the people, atmosphere and story that is going on throughout the entire celebration, whether that’s for one day or five.

For this reason I wanted to go into a little more detail about the styles of wedding photographs you can expect for a wedding, to give you a little more of an insight into what’s available and to demonstrate that it isn’t simply a case of one style suits all. As a couple you will have your own individual style, tastes and ideas for your wedding photography, so you need to find the right wedding photographer to help you realise what will work best for you.

Digital or Film

Firstly, you may want to decide on whether to you film or digital photographs. The most common choice these days is digital, but some do use film or a combination of the two. Film photographs deliver a more classic style with an organic quality, but shooting with film is generally more time-consuming, expensive and light dependent. Digital cameras can still create classic-style images, but have much better functionality in low-lighting, can take more photographs giving you a greater number of images to choose from and quicker processing.

Keeping with tradition

Many couples like to stick to the traditional style of wedding photography, with soft, natural images in a formal style, often in black and white. Classic photographs will definitely stand the test of time, just like your grandparent’s photographs did and are beautiful way to depict your wedding day.

Add artistic flair

While many people think wedding photographs have to stick to the traditional bride and groom close-up portraits or group shots, there is now a growing trend to get artistic with your images. Incorporating a little artistic flair into your wedding photographs will make them truly unique, fun, striking and more memorable too.

Lifestyle shots

A growing trend with photojournalism at weddings is to use lifestyle shots. They are a great way to candidly capture a simple moment in a natural way, but may require a some subtle direction and styling to deliver a great impact photograph.

Documentary style

A very popular style of wedding photograph right now is the documentary approach. While traditionally, wedding photos were styled, directed and choreographed to get the best angle or light, many are now opting to make the most of organic lighting and settings that capture moments as they happen, giving a truthful and meaningful account of the story.

For me personally, documentary is my most favoured style, as I love to observe and capture people, the atmosphere and moments that really tell the story of my clients. I am always looking for the beauty in the small details, as well as the big ones.