The man behind the camera

My name is Alex, and photography is my absolute passion, along with travel, exploration and my loved ones of course. Luckily for me, I have been able to apply so much of my love and passion into my career, combining photography with travel and my creativity, which makes my day job incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.

With over ten years’ experience as a professional destination wedding photographer, I put my complete skill, creativity and dedication into every wedding shoot I undertake, whether it’s in the French Riviera, on a Greek Island, in the Middle East or the Caribbean.

With my love of composition and available light, I’m drawn to the less obvious moments that make truly wonderful and emotive photographs; continuously striving to produce candid and impeccably balanced photographs that perfectly depict the moment.



My view on wedding photography

For me, wedding photography shouldn’t be choreographed or staged, but natural, sympathetic and subtle, to capture rich and meaningful images that speak volumes. Weddings are unique and incredibly personal experiences that bring loved ones together from all over the world, and it’s my job as a wedding photographer to document this coming together in an unobtrusive way.

For me, a wedding photographer isn’t there to dictate images throughout the day, but observe the surroundings, people and lighting to skilfully capture the right moment as the couple see it. I believe that the moment a photographer engages with the subject, directs or controls the event in any way, it then becomes their vision of how the wedding should look, not the clients, which for me defeats the point.

My style of photography

Through my photography style, I aim to tell the story of my client’s wedding aptly and organically. I want to document as much of the celebrations as I can to purely emulate the atmosphere, romance and laughter throughout the entire event, from pre-wedding parties, through to the big day and beyond.

I do this by blending into the background, observing and anticipating photographic opportunities. By giving myself an outsider’s point of view, I’m able to seize those natural and beautiful moments on location to give a different perspective that combines dream-like visions with reality.

The important thing I always stress to my client’s is that it’s your day, I am simply there to document your precious moments in the most natural and emotive way I can. When it comes to being on location, I won’t dictate, prompt or control your event in any way, unless you need me to give direction for couple portrait sessions or group shots, if that’s your preference.

In short, I absolutely love what I do and love working with people, capturing timeless images that will stay with them forever. If you’re looking for unique wedding photography for your wedding wherever it may be in the world, I would love to hear about it and discuss how I can help make your day extra special.


“From our first meeting I knew Alex was the photographer for us. He has an incredible talent to really capture the day and the photos enable me to relive the day so easily as it plays out like a story through his photographs. Alex really understood what we wanted to achieve and worked seamlessly with our venue staff and videographer. His communication was timely, professional and his website very informative and he fitted into the day with ease. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex for this award.”

Why did you book Alex?

“It was Alex’s photographs which first drew our attention to his stand at the National Wedding Show. We weren’t particularly looking to find a photographer on that day but the photographs were so beautiful we were drawn in to look at more. After chatting with Alex for a while we really felt he understood what we wanted to achieve and his photos of other people’s weddings were so incredible I started to feel like I had been there on the day myself. Alex was initially over the budget we had set ourselves and so we decided to look for other photographers but despite looking for sometime none compared to him and we found ourselves coming back to his site time and time again and realised we couldn’t get married without Alex being there to capture it! Alex’s email correspondence was timely & professional and we had no doubt he would do an incredible job and we were right! Thank you so very much Alex”

Emma & John

“We found Alex online. My husband is an IT Director and was immediately impressed with his work. The way Alex shoots light made him the perfect photographer for our winter wedding in a dark beamed reception. He responded to my request immediately, and even joined us singing carols during our light hearted wedding service. The finished photos were presented beautifully. Alex is great. He made our day and continues to do so everyday I look at the photos.”

Why did you book Alex?

“His talent coupled with his great personality. Having Alex at our wedding was like having an extra member of the family for the day. his passion for his job showed through hence he was still on the dance floor long after he should have left. We will always be thankful he was able to shoot our wedding.”

Julia and Stuart

“Alex was fantastic, he captured our day in the natural way we were after. We did not want too may posed photographs. There were some beautiful shots which captured the emotion and told the story of our special day – the pictures made us both cry when we first saw them. Alex was very professional, friendly and managed to navigate his was through our crowd of guests un-noticed. Thank you so much for being part of our wedding, making us feel at ease and creating fabulous images for us to treasure”

Why did you book Alex?

“We liked Alex as a person and loved his work.”

Chloe and Michael

“Alex surpassed our expectations. He was a friendly, calm person and easy to talk with before, during and after the Wedding. He took documentary-style photos which was just what we wanted. The finished photos are amazing. We have printed them all (at least 500 of them) at least three times each and shared with friends and family. We bought a photo album which was hand-delivered to our house by Alex and is so special to us. The photos encapsulate the day in an extraordinary way.”

Why did you book Alex?

“We loved his website & his portfolio”

Victoria and David

“Alex made our day!! It was like there were 3 of us getting married, he shared the stress and coordinated everyone perfectly – even on the hottest day of the year!!!”

Why did you book Alex?

“Style, reviews and instant welcoming, positive attitude.”

Suzannah and Geoff

“Jack and I were absolutely blown away with our photos that Alex took from our special day. The pictures he got of us were breath-taking, simply stunning. He also really captured the essence of the whole day by photographing our wedding guests as they were enjoying our day and not when they are posing. These provided us with such beautiful memories of not only us but of our dearest family and friends enjoying our day. We can’t thank Alex enough for the pictures he has produced – Brilliant!”

Why did you book Alex?

“I saw Alex’s website and the previous work he had done which was absolutely wonderful. On meeting Alex, it was clear he was the perfect person to capture all the memories from our day. His style was unobtrusive which has allowed him to capture really natural photos ‘in the moment’. On sharing out pictures with our closest family and friends they have all said “These are the best wedding pictures I have seen, simply beautiful”. A few of our friends that are currently engaged have also asked for Alex’s’s details to photograph their wedding!”

Michelle and Jack

“Alex really listened to what we wanted, and the photos were really natural. When sun was setting, Alex grabbed the two of us for a quick last shoot to make the most of the light, and those impromptu photos were the best of the day – he is very good at grabbing the chance to take an amazing picture. The photos were free for our guests to download (no watermarks). Alex also sent us a beautifully wrapped box of prints.

Why did you book Alex?

“We wanted the focus of the photographs to be on the people, the friends and family and the overall feel of the day. We liked the style and presentation of his work more than comparable photographers, and when we messaged him to enquire about price he was very prompt and polite. The price was within our budget so we met with him for a chat about his approach and what we wanted. He was really nice and relaxed, so we made the decision to book him directly after the meeting.”

Mary and Alexis

“Alex was professional, punctual and friendly and a pleasure to work with. We loved Alex’s style and managed all of our requirements brilliantly on the day and our photos capture all situations and angles to really tell the story of the day. We received a pre slideshow from Alex which was a great gift and taster of the pictures to come. We loved our final pictures, the style, quality, balance of guest photos, settings and the golden hour pictures are beautiful! We’d definitely recommend him!”

Why did you book Alex?

“We didn’t think that anybody else’s pictures compared to Alex’s, we loved his style and quality and once we met him he was very friendly and had an impressive portfolio.”

Jennie and Tim

“Prior to booking Alex, he met with us in person to talk through our wedding day. He understood the kind of look to our photographs that we wanted to achieve. He was professional, reliable, helpful and friendly. He flew out to Ibiza with time to include a complimentary photo shoot before our big day, which helped us to feel more at ease and was also a lovely experience for myself and my now husband. The photos Alex took have captured our day perfectly and given us memories to cherish.”

Why did you book Alex?

“We liked the soft romantic images he produced, giving the feeling that they weren’t staged in anyway and were very natural.”

Sarah and Paul

“From the moment we contacted Alex he was fantastic – he’s got a great personality and is very approachable. I’ve been to a number of weddings and I’ve seen how people can be treated by photographers. Alex’s approach – much like his photographic work – was nothing short of awesome. He knew what he needed to do to get the shots and he was excellent at conveying that to us. We were *really* impressed with the way he handled family shots (with a couple of toddlers in some of them) and he was fun”

Why did you book Alex?

“I thought his photographs looked stunning; far better than anything else I’d seen on any other website. This guy is amazing at capturing light. The photos he took (both indoors and out) really were exceptional; the venue we chose had tricky lighting (lighting on walls rather than overhead, shadows, odd shaped windows). Anyone not really knowing how to really manage light couldn’t have got the range of tones that Alex got. One such example was how he captured shafts of light coming through a window (to the point where you can almost see the particles of dust in the air) without compromising any other qualities of the space (the colour of the carpet, of the wallpaper, of the lights on the walls. It was absolutely breathtaking and he took photos like this many, many times over the day. From looking at his site I originally thought he was going to be a good photographer, so I had very high expectations. Alex absolutely blew past those expectations in every sense; we couldn’t have been happier with his work.”

Amanda and Alex


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